• Project Management & Consulting
  • Lease Acquisition
  • Mineral Royalty Acquisition
  • Title Services
  • Due Diligence
  • GIS Mapping
  • Seismic Permitting
  • Drill Site Acquisition
  • Survey & Geological Study

Project Management & Consulting

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Whether you need the Caffey Group for a simple project or as a fully outsourced Land Department, our experience and the services we can provide can be the resource for every client. We are dedicated to providing quality service, efficient project management and do so with integrity and respect.

We believe our experience gives us an advantage to establish aggressive timelines and manage risk for our clients because we utilize a proven project management process. Detailed planning, a disciplined approach to evaluating projects, extensive service expertise insures our delivery of responsive service with results. We provide consulting and project management for both independent producers and major oil and gas companies.

Lease Acquisition

lease webWe are experienced project managers and landmen and have clients and projects in both urban and rural areas. Our expertise with leasing services gives us the ability to deliver results for our clients.

  • Contract Preparation & Negotiations. Our contract negotiations and preparation capabilities enable us to assess royalty holdings and close transactions efficiently and timely. We specialize in acquiring mineral and royalty interests throughout the United States and can handle client projects that offer lump-sum payouts or share ownership.
  • Lease Analysis & Acquisitions is an area that we have experience including handling large, multiple leasing signing, community meetings and individual negotiations. We have done leasing projects in urbanized Barnett Shale and rural areas throughout the United States. Our landmen are professional, talented and experienced and provide reliable reporting on a consistent basis so our clients stay informed.
  • Wellbore Clearance 

Mineral Royalty Acquisition

mineral webThe Caffey Group buys oil and gas royalties and mineral interests throughout the United States. With years of industry knowledge and experienced project managers we deliver a cohesive selling process for our clients.  Mineral royalty acquisitions require a clear understanding of the process and insight within the industry to determine accurate evaluations and make offers that secures agreements. When evaluating the opportunities for royalty acquisitions, The Caffey Group considers several areas of interest: oil and gas prices, the number of wells that are producing, the kind of interest the seller can offer and the characteristics of the well and its potential. The process can be complex and working with a company that is experienced with a proven track record is important.

Title Services

title services webWe bring expertise in all areas of land title services. The Caffey Group understands the importance of accurate title research done in a timely manner giving our clients a competitive edge from the beginning of a project. Titles Services can include some or all of the following services:

  • Ownership is the most important element of securing titles services and ensuring rightful ownership.
  • Abstracting Services can include different title standards of each state and our abstracting team is able to complete abstracts in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Title curative process can be complex and uncover things like divorce decree and estate planning that will need to be addressed. The Caffey Group landmen have experience with the processes required to obtain the necessary documents to satisfy requirements and secure title information.

Due Diligence

due diligence webOur professionals have experience representing buyers and sellers of producing and non-producing properties. We have the ability to meet short deadlines and work closely with clients all aspects of the examination process. Due diligence is the typical purchase and sale agreement process that deal with the buyer’s examination of the property and the seller’s records.

Our goal with due diligence examination is to represent our clients interest to determine whether the seller owns the interests described in the purchase and the sale agreement with the buyer. Many types of records are examined during the due diligence process. We have the professional project managers that understand the process and have experience researching financial records, well records, and geophysical records.

GIS Mapping

  • caffey group gis mapping 2Operator Leasehold Analysis
  • Production Trend Analysis & Reporting
  • Unit Boundary Designation
  • Tract/Parcel Land Lock Analysis
  • Satellite & Topographic Maps
  • Experienced in Multiple Land Grids Across the U.S.
  • Asset Management Through Data Driven Pages
  • Interactive Web Map Application

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Seismic Permitting

seimic permitting webSeismic Permitting is a written request from landowners to conduct seismic testing on property. Before an oil company can do seismic surveys they must obtain permits from the landowners.  Seismic permits and surveys can be costly and require coordination with landowners and government entities. The Caffey Group is experienced with acquiring seismic permits and working with both landowners and government entities to ensure that surveys are conducted on time and at a fair price. The type of services that we can provide with seismic permits includes:

  • Surface & Mineral Seismic Testing
  • Government Seismic Permitting
  • Damage Negotiations & Settlement

Drill Site Acquisition

drill site aquisition webOil and gas ownership provides different options when selling or leasing mineral rights. Oil and gas producing companies often lease mineral rights from land owner with different clauses regarding production, rental and financial options. A lease can remain in effect for a certain period of time and may expire after the primary term, allowing to the ownership to establish a new lease or sell a part or all of the mineral right. The Caffey Group has experienced project managers that can work closely with all parties involved to ensure timely and accurate lease acquisitions and knows that each transaction can be different. The environment can complicated and competitive and the importance of experience should not be overlooked when choosing a partner with acquisitions.

Survey & Geological Study

survey webConsulting services are utilized to work with our clients looking for mineral right acquisitions, and the evaluation and interpretation of geological information. Our experience can identify and provide solutions for identifying successful project and taking them to completion. We work with our clients to identify and prepare for the financial and regulatory constraints with each new project. Understanding governmental regulations and the permitting processes from the beginning provides for strong planning and project management through the completion of each project. The Caffey Group can provide survey and geological consulting related to gas and oil well locations, GPS unit surveys, topographical boundaries, title and boundary surveys, map reproduction and preparation.